April 24

Six Innovative Designs Leading a Resurgence of Libraries

Bring local history to life

April 16

The Modern Library: Embracing the Future While Celebrating the Past

April 15

Virginian-Pilot honors staff at 2015 Slover Awards

April 13

Reinventing the Modern Library as a Tech-Forward, Eco-Friendly, Community Hub

April 9

The most beautiful new library buildings in America

February 3

Norfolk Library bridges past and future

January 8

Batten’s generosity helped provide Norfolk library

January 7

Norfolk’s New Crown Jewel Unveiled

January 6

Slover Brings New Life to Old Collection

January 5

Place for Learning, Civil Disclosure

Who is Samuel Slover?

January 2

A Sneak Peek at the Eye-Opening Slover Library

December 22

Whatever happened to...ex-EVMS leader Harry Lester

December 17

Slover Library Getting Close to Opening on Norfolk Perspectives

December 11

Newman Architects Designs Virginia Library to be a Downtown Anchor

December 9

Slover Grand Opening Slated for January 9-11




November 20

The New Slover Library – A Tech Lover’s Dream Come True…

Leadership Awards Go To Jane Batten & Norfolk Southern

Jane Batten Awarded Darden Regional Leadership Honor

October 3

Ornament-Architecture Meet At Norfolk’s New Library

September 15

Harry Lester Becomes President of Slover Library Foundation

Harry Lester Elected President of Slover Library Foundation

August 19

Slover Library Foundation Taps Ex-EVMS Leader

Former EVMS President Elected to Oversee Slover Library

August 18

Slover Library Foundation Names Former EVMS Head as President

July 4

New Signs of Life in Downtown Development

March 7

Savant Ltd. brings digital magic to Slover Library